Blowing in the Wind

 Live each day with joy in the journey…

no matter what road the journey takes you down.



joy in the journey


No matter how much we enjoy homekeeping and creating a warm, comforting home, sometimes the repetition of everyday tasks can seem mundane. Some days, it can be difficult finding joy or satisfaction in any task! Have you ever felt this way? 


However, one of my most satisfying early morning chores at Rose Cottage is hanging up clothes on the line to dry–especially linens! Oh, the sweet fragrance and the crispness of bed linens that have dried by blowing in the spring breezes! I can’t think of too many things more luxurious than drifting off to sleep nestled beneath fresh, line-dried linens! Not only do I have the satisfaction of conserving resources by using the sun and wind to dry clothes, I have a deep sense of joy connected to generations before me who have done the same household chore.

The very simplicity of line drying clothes seems to make my life simplier in one sense. This simplicity helps to create a beautiful life at Rose Cottage.

dual-purpose tools

There have been a few simple and resourceful tools that women and men have used in years past for drying clothes on the line. Oh, of course, you say…a laundry basket is basic. But, did you know that many families during the mid-twentith century were already “repurposing” before the word was in vogue?

Bushel baskets–the same type for gathering and storing the apple harvest–were often used for toting laundry to the clothesline! Sometimes, cloth or plastic liners were made to fit snuggly inside the bushel baskets to keep the clothes clean or to prevent a snag from the wooden lathes of the rustic apple basket. Of course, any basket or box works just as well, too!


fresh wash “tool” cloths

Recently, I learned that women in Germany once used (maybe, some still do?) gorgeous redwork linen cloths expertly hand-embroidered with the words “fresh wash” to cover their laundry basket when carrying their baskets to the community clothes lines. Similiar to linen “show towels,” the lovely laundry cloths provide an opportunity for ladies to display their exquisite needlearts skills, and to demostrate they were women of some means and leisure if the laundry cloth was elaborate. I found this fabulous fresh wash redwork cloth at Rose Mille. Isn’t it amazing the needleart skills of women who came before us?




apron bag or other “tool” for wooden pegs

Grandmother always wore a small, sturdy cotton apron to hold the wooden pegs or clothes pins. This made hanging out the clothes so much easier to have the clothes pins right at hand while working along the clothes line. The small German redwork apron has seen a lot of laundry duty, but conveys the hope of every individual when doing laundry–“gut wetter”– good weather to hang out the wash!



tools for hanging: clothes pegs or pins

 An ample supply of clothes pins is critical. While I like round wood clothes pins, my favorite type of clothes pins are made from wood and have a spring clip. The spring clip clothes pin is practical as it adjusts to different thicknesses and fabric weights of clothes to be hung to dry. Just a tip: while easier to leave clothes pins on the line after removing the dry laundry, the clothes pins will eventially darken and leave marks on your clean, fresh laundry if left on the line for long periods of time.




joy in the journey in Italy

On a recent trip to Italy, I marveled at how laundry was dried hanging from the windows in historic Portofino, and in breathtaking Cinque Terre villages along the Italian Riveria. Indeed, even along the picturesque towns and villages on the Mediterrian there is joy in the journey!






We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy,

even if it is only picking grapes or sorting [hanging out] the laundry.

                                                                                                                                           ~E.B. White

A package of wooden clothes pins was a recent vintage find. My clothes pin supply was getting a little low, so I was glad to have found them. As I was hanging out the linens, I found “Mr. and Mrs. Peg” in the bag! We just laughed and laughed. Mr. and Mrs. Peg were so happy to have their picture taken with a pansy from the garden. Where do you find joy in your every day journey? How does optimism and positive thinking influence your day?

Finding joy in the journey is part of creating a beautiful life. Melissa at The Inspired Room is on a 12-month journey of creating a beautiful life. Stop by for a visit with her and others for more ideas about creating a beautiful life.


Thank you for stopping by Rose Cottage for a little visit today. We are so glad you came! Won’t you tell us you were here by leaving a comment below? Hope you are finding joy in your journey today!


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11 responses to “Blowing in the Wind

  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love your photos and your wooden pegs. I can’t find them anywhere here in Serbia.

    Lovely blog! Suzy

  2. DebbyKay – Good morning. What a refreshing article with such interesting photos. Everything flowed beautifully and was a delight to read. I loved it all. The beautiful embroidery German cloths are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great post DebbyKay. You are so right. Hanging laundry does bring me joy! I love to hang the sheets and linens – such a fresh scent, indeed! Interesting about the basket liners. I loved that little bit of nostalgia. Hope all is well and “sunny” in your world.

    have a great day,

  4. Dearest Debbykay,

    It is such a delight and blessing to visit you here at your lovely Rose Cottage! I always leave my visit feeling inspired and encouraged! I enjoyed the quotes, beautiful photos, and your lovely writings! What a gift you have dear friend! I am so glad you share your day to day happenings, taking time to write so beautifully, and taking such beautiful photos, and for sharing your sweet Rose Cottage.

    I do so love homekeeping, but I admit I sometimes feel the way you described. Like you, I enjoy hanging out my laundry and have been doing just that this morning. I agree, it is wonderful to sleep under freshly line-dried linens! Quite luxurious, indeed! Your linens are gorgeous, and the embroidery is amazing! I enjoyed reading all the laundry history and seeing your antique linens and pegs to go along with it! Thank you for sharing the beauty that is overflowing in your home and heart!

    I enjoyed seeing the lovely photos of your recent trip to Italy. It is beautiful there, and it was wonderful seeing all that laundry hung out to dry, with those colorfully painted homes as a backdrop.

    I find joy in my everyday journey in taking care of my dear family and sweet Pearl the poodle, keeping our home fresh and clean, decorating, sewing, gardening, preparing nourishing and delicious meals, and hanging out the laundry, of course. 🙂 I am influenced greatly by my attitude, and strive to be optimistic in all I do. I am so much happier that way. Positive thinking is so very important, not only to my own well-being, but to my family and friends as well! I sometimes struggle with being negative, but I pray and read some favorite scriptures that encourage me, and try to not think negative thoughts, the more I dwell on them, the longer they stick around. When I take time to look at all my blessings, then I realize I have so much to be thankful for, and that makes it easier to think good thoughts!

    Thank you for your sweet spirit, the happy-faced clothes-peg lady and gentleman, and your kind wishes to finish off your beautiful post!

    Love and blessings,

  5. What a beautiful post, as always.. I to love to hang laundry out to dry….I just don’t do it that often..There really isn’t anything like hanging your bed linen out to dry…I can’t wait for our weather to warm up here in Pa…Then maybe I can start to…
    What beautiful pictures..
    Hope you have a wonderful week…..

  6. Yes clean fresh linen is one of life’s joys. Just snuggling down with fresh pyjams to go with it.
    I think most people have times of feeling bored with everyday routine and then the day comes when we are not able to keep up that routine through illness or something and then when better we are so glad and thrilled to be able to partake in that routine again.

    Like the photos

  7. I just love this post and the redwork is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them.

  8. Edie

    WOW ! What a fresh smell coming from those fresh linens on the clothes line… What a wonderful reminder!

  9. Your photo’s are gorgeous! You made everything look so nice. I do miss the fresh wash basket cover! But it has found, once again, a loving home.

    See you soon,


  10. We lived on Northern Italy for 7 years and what I enjoyed so so much was the laundry hung out of the windows…oh did it bring such a neat feeling…
    I too love Redwork…and have been stitching some…there is just something about it…

  11. I love those lovely house. It is so colorful.

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