Exuberant Garden Offerings

Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment,

can be confused with paradise.

                                                                                                  ~Henry Mitchell

treasured gift

Gardens often are a source of inspiration for those who work the soil and tend the plantings, as well as for those who visit. There is such a deep, innate connection and love of nature for most of us. Do you feel that way?

Diane, a local poet extraordinaire, visits Rose Cottage on a late afternoon for a stroll amongst the early fall garden beds. The gardens at Rose Cottage are simple country gardens . . . and wax and wane dependent upon the weather and wildlife.

Old garden with stone bird bath FAV

Elizabeth joins us for tea and berries in the garden, too. She is an amazing gardener. Will you join us? There is so much to share . . .  The three of us laugh, talk and are frequently in our own thoughts as we are mesmorized by the exquisite lighting in the garden.

Fra Dagmar Hastrop FAV

The sun sinks low behind the trees and hills. The gardens glimmer in jewel tones while song birds sing from the tops of the white pine, red cedar and basswood. The leaves of the quaking aspen rustle in the soft southern breeze. The heady, unmistakable  fragrance of heirloom roses fills the air. Breathless.

Petunia Double Pink FAV

It is one of those times were magic abounds in the garden. . . our hearts sing with the beauty of the moment. . . our spirits are filled with peace and exuberance all at once. It feels like paradise . . .

Bird with a Broken Wing FAV

the heart sings in poetry

 A few days following our dreamy late afternoon in the garden, Diane is eager to meet. She hands me a sealed envelope. “It is my gift to you. After visiting Rose Cottage, I couldn’t sleep until I wrote what was in my heart and on my mind.” This is what she penned . . .

Light Play

In the garden of Debbykay (almost Monet)

In the village of Afton (almost Giverney),

We cannot even see Elizabeth’s hat,

One of the straw varieties reserved

For outings such as these,

Until she backs out, fanny first,

From the forest of tomato vines

Where she picks the still-warm

Exuberant offerings of late August.


Rub and sniff, fingers filled with pineapple sage,

Punctuations of pleasure that dart and surprise

Displacing the butterfly-bee rondelets, garden opera,

With botanical poetry from seed catalogues, we are

Divas in the moment when shimmer meets shadow.

This one’s and that one’s version

Of gardens known, imagined, want to be,

Would be if we were a bee (or a butterfly),

Revelers dancing in the sparkle of sunspray.

                                                     ~Diane Pecoraro

Pink Dahlia FAV

Diane’s poetry is an amazing gift. It is truly humbling to realize that our simple little parcel of land that we tend inspires another. Diane’s generosity is encouraging on days when it is easy to be discouraged and weary. Her poetry is a reminder of the brief glimpse, as if through a small crack in a window, of paradise captured on a spectacular early fall eve at Rose Cottage.

What inspires you about gardens you visit or tend? 


Stroll over to A Southern Daydreamer to see how others are enjoying the early days of autumn outdoors, and visit Melissa at The Inspired Room and Julia at Hooked on Houses.



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34 responses to “Exuberant Garden Offerings

  1. What a beautiful post. Diane’s poetry is such a gift. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, laughing, visiting and enjoying mother nature and her gifts. I hope this finds your Mr.P having a better week. I’m glad he still sees laughter through out his days. Our’s are pretty quiet, very rare there is laughter, unless the grandson is here. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. May the sun shine upon you and yours today and bring you happiness… hugs ~lynne~

  2. Dear sweet Debbykay,

    I am enraptured by your beautiful garden and your beautifully written words. I feel as if I am there with you and your dear friends enjoying the delights of an ‘early fall eve’ at your beautiful Rose Cottage. Your photos are gorgeous and your roses are amazing! I look forward to planting more roses this winter at my Rose Cottage. I do not think one could ever have enough roses. I enjoyed reading about the delightful visit Diane, Elizabeth and you had in your lovely garden. The poem Diane wrote is beautiful, a treasured gift, indeed! I am so glad her poetry brought you encouragement… yes, it is so easy to be discouraged and weary. I am certain that your friendship and the beautiful garden you tend gave her encouragement as well. I know that I am always encouraged and blessed by my visits with you. You are so willing to share your heart, home and garden, and the beauty you surround yourself with! Thank you so much dear friend!

    Your roses have inspired me and your lovely angel and bird statue. I hope to have a garden as beautiful as yours one day.

    Have a blessed week! You and your family are in my prayers.

    Love your kindred heart in the south,

  3. GORGEOUS flowers… it looks like a LOVELY outdoor space!

  4. Ellen

    Beautiful flowers and beautiful photographs! Happy Outdoor W. to you!!

  5. Cindy

    Pretty pics and a lovely post! Cindy

  6. What a beautiful gift of both poetry and flowers. All gardens inspire me. Nothing is more satisfying than working in my garden and seeing the fruits of my labor. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem and your beautiful flowers. ~ Sarah

  7. I just love your pink roses and the pink dahlia is just striking! The poem is precious and must mean so much to you..!! Have a great week!

  8. Debbie, your first photo opens to your beautiful garden. I could hear the flowing sounds of your angel fountain. You have the gift of writing and a lovely poem penned by Dianne.

    I love your outdoors!

  9. Oh my gosh, what beautiful flowers. I just love the pink rose.

  10. Hi! what a cute pics! love them!


  11. What inspires me about gardens is the visual beauty God has created in each flower, bud, and leaf. Color, texture and detail, it’s all there at so many levels.

  12. Your gardens are beautiful..the rose is stunning..
    Thanks for your visit..

  13. I could wander in that garden for a long time…How wonderful to have a friend to appreciate it with.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  14. your writings are just so perfect to describe the feelings a garden can bring out of one who tends them with love and passion. They describe all the feelings I hope my garden brings out when someone visits it.
    thanks for a great post and for the visit to my humble blog today!

  15. The garden is beautiful. I do so love this time of the year.

  16. What a beautiful post. I love those pretty flowers so much. I wish I could join you…

  17. Lovely Outdoor Wednesday post. I reading the poetry too, as well as, looking at your photographs.
    Joyce M

  18. Such a lovely poem and great offerings.

    Your shots are great!

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  19. Such beautiful flowers! Happy Wednesday!

  20. Nice words that goes with a lovely photos.
    Beautiful post.

  21. Your blog is absolutely stunning. The pictures are beautiful – the prose as well.


  22. What a lovely post. I think I can smell those roses. Thank you for sharing…Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  23. What a beautiful post. Those roses are wonderful
    Have a nice day

  24. You did a really super job on today’s post. The flowers are beautiful and I loved the prose.

  25. You’ve created and shared a lovely post with us today. You images and poetry are lovely. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  26. I don’t think there’s a thing in any garden that doesn’t inspire me in some way. A new way to build a flower bed, a decorative element, new uses for old stuff. I adore gardening, and it makes me so happy to be milling outside amongst nature. This post is beautiful.

  27. Your blog is always so inspiring – gorgeous photos and a lot of poetry. You really a have gift dear Debbykay. Visiting your garden must feel like being in a fairy tale.

  28. Lovely photos and very lovely poetry. Bless you for sharing it with us. Hugs, Cindy S.

  29. Beautiful garden and photos. The poetry is wonderful and fitting.

    I enjoy gardening very much. Sometimes it is hard work, especially in the hot sun. But to enjoy it later, in the shade with a cool drink, well, it makes you want to have a go at it again tomorrow!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  30. What great photos and a pretty yard! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Please come back again and perhaps stay awhile!

    Have a great week! Sandi

  31. A lovely garden! Thanks for the visit.

  32. Oh what a lovely garden and the perfect poetry to go with it! Here in the Desert Southwest my roses are just now beginning to bloom with glorious abandon after their retreat from the summer’s heat. I am in heaven! There’s nothing like being in a beautiful garden, is there? I know you must enjoy yours…..it’s amazing!
    Elaine 🙂

  33. That poem is just lovely! I love how our gardens change seasonally. The color combinations start out with pastels in the Spring and end with the Autumn golds and browns. I also love how out gardens surprise us with plants forgotten or unexpected butterflies and humming birds. I could go on and on, but the work is always worth it…my blood pressure always goes down when I walk through a garden. Have a wonderful weekend.

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