Friday’s Fresh Flowers

Flowers are Love’s truest language.

                                                ~Park Benjamin

love is in the air {flowers!

The sweet, dear violas are giving us so much cheer that we just had to share them with you.


They greet us early each morning, and…


…welcome us home to Rose Cottage each night.


The softly fragrant flowers welcome you to Rose Cottage, too! We hope the violas help to get your weekend off to a lovely start. May it be filled with many flowers!

What are your favorite fresh spring flowers?


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7 responses to “Friday’s Fresh Flowers

  1. They each look hand painted! So pretty.

  2. Hi DebbyKay – such lovely photographs of your violas. The first is particularly stunning with the doves statuette!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. love them, just so stunning, great photos!


  4. oh I hope my comment got through!

    I love them so gorgeous and great pics


  5. Dearest Debbykay,

    Oh! Such loveliness! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I love violas, their cheerful faces are always smiling. Yours are so pretty, and look lovely nestled amongst the doves. I especially like the green ribbon tied round one of their necks. Those special touches mean so much! The violas have indeed made the start of my weekend wonderful, and so have you!

    I have so many favorite spring flowers it makes it quite difficult to choose one, but right now I am favoring my snapdragons that are in full bloom!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely Rose Cottage with me sweet friend!

    May your weekend be filled with flowers and all good things!

    Love and blessings!
    Your friend and fellow Rose Cottager,

  6. Mom

    You’ve inspired me to get busy, put out the window boxes and fill them with precious spring flowers! But first, I will have to purchase new potting soil and make a trip to a garden store — the best part! Your lovely blog has inspired me once again & now I have Saturday planned. Maybe I will even light the grill, prepare something wonderful for dinner while enjoying the beautiful window boxes….

    Love you!

  7. I LOOOOVE your dove statue… Your panseys are just soooo pretty… Your pictures look amazing…Beautiful post…

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