Antique Mason Jars {before and after

I wish we could put  up

some of the Chrismas spirit in jars

and open a jar of it every month.

                                    ~Harlan Miller

you’ve got mail

A bit of “Christmas spirit” was delivered rather unexpectedly in the Rose Cottage inbox. Crystal, from Olive Rue, is a fabulous photographer, and loves to give photo images a vintage look. A recent post about a collection of antique mason, ball and other canning jars was an inspiration for her. Crystal’s sweet gift was to take a few of the images of the rare antique canning jars and turn them into an image that could have been taken over 100 years ago.


The photographs are of amazing antique jars in dark olive green, turquoise, soft baby blue, cobalt and clear glass with glass lids. Take a look at the “before” images of the blue c.1858 Mason jars with some garden flowers from Rose Cottage . . .

1858 MASon and other antique blues with roses

1858 Mason FAV

 Now,  images of a rare dark olive green Ball jar and Canadian Jewel with just-picked strawberries . . .

Ball and Jewell FAV

Green Ball Jar and Strawberries


Crystal uses photographic techniques to alter these images to give them a soft, vintage look, while still capturing a freshness of the still life photos.

First, the altered c.1858 blue Mason . . .



Then, the dark olive Ball and clear Canadian Jewel . . .



Aren’t they lovely? Thank you, Crystal, for making my day and sharing your talents by your kind gift of  Christmas spirit in a jar delivered to my inbox!

So, the question remains . . .

what bit of “Christmas spirit” can I put in a jar

and give to someone else to open . .

You may also . . .

Read more about Cyrstal’s photographer passion and her gifted art at the Olive Rue.

See more of the post with the “before” pictures of antique canning or Mason jars on Fall Nesting {summer in a jar.


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12 responses to “Antique Mason Jars {before and after

  1. Debbykay, your original photos were amazing! No wonder Crystal wanted to work with them…..the perfect subject for aging. You will be making note cards and gift tags from them, right?

    Best Wishes,

    • debbykay


      What are your suggestions for how to make them into gift tags? I was thinking about note cards…but hadn’t thought about how to use them as gift tags. Great idea!!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi, I just popped over from Wrought Iron Gate Blog. What lovely photos. I don’t know which are better the vintage-ed ones or the new ones! Love your blog….Pam in Ireland

  3. Gorgeous photos! I liked them in their original form and in the artistic form as well. You have a great “eye” for this.
    ♥, Susan

  4. Edie

    Good Morning Miss Debbykay~
    What a lovely surprise! Isn’t this new technology just wonderful!

    Sorry we miss the b-day celebration. Hope you had fun. Now I do have a little gift for you but am so confused on how I might get to your home with all of the construction!! I will give you a call and see when we can get together!

    Loving you

  5. Hello DebbyKay!

    Gorgeous photos both before and after. I agree with Kay Flynn, those would make lovely note cards and gift tags 🙂
    I think that anything you would fill those jars with would be perfect!

    Have ablessed day!


  6. Dearest Debbykay,

    How is my sweet kindred heart in the north? I am so delighted to visit you and see the beauty at your Rose Cottage. I love the quote you shared and the gift of your kind friend. Your photos are gorgeous and so are the ones she altered for you! I love how she made them look as if they had been taken over 100 years ago. You both are gifted photographers. Wouldn’t these images make lovely note cards? All of your photos could be turned into note cards!

    Yes, they are very lovely!

    Thank you for your kind words about my new journal and for taking time to visit. I am always so blessed by you! You encourage me so very much! Yes, I did take my husband on the ‘date’ to Ross. 🙂 We love spending time together and he is always so sweet to go shopping with me. I think it is wonderful you and your husband have mystery dates! As you said, you are making precious memories. I look forward to seeing your fall decorating at your beautiful Rose Cottage. You have amazing talent and are an inspiration to me!

    Much love to you sweet friend! Have a wonderful week!

  7. I have been playing with before and after images also – yours are lovely.

  8. I’m sooo sorry I’m just now getting by here to comment on this post. I’m so glad you liked what I did with the photos. They were gorgeous to begin with. You did an amazing job capturing them, and I have to agree with your readers these would make lovely note cards. 🙂


  9. Dear Debbykay,
    again I must say that each and every photo in your blog is pure poetry. love your mason jars and the way you arranged them in your pics.

  10. I really loved that olive green colored jar! It’s so rare to get a different colored Mason jar these days!

    • debbykay

      Aren’t these colored jars terrific? I especially love the deep colbalt blue jar! Thanks for stopping by Rose Cottage!

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