Beautiful Berries and Brambles

 You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces —

just good food from fresh ingredients.

                                                                                                           ~Julia Child

fresh and local

Ahh . . . the early weeks of autumn. The gardens and fields are exuberant. I am in heaven with all the fresh produce — either what we grow at Rose Cottage or what we are able to obtain from local growers and producers.

 The just-picked vegetable or fruit turns any meal into something fantastic! The fragrance, taste and texture of fresh produce truly shines in any recipe.

buy fresh buy local Mark and Sues 0909 v2

In the fall, the fabric of our lives are filled with gathering and preserving. It is incredibly difficult to exercise prudent restraint with the abundant produce — I have an insatiable desire to preserve it all. A few bushels never seems quite enough of one thing or another! The kitchen at Rose Cottage is bustling daily with various stages of preserving the plethera of fruits or vegetables.

lovely brambles

 While vegetables abound, the time is ripe for picking those precious little black nuggets — blackberries! The blackberries are about two weeks tardy in their appearance since it has been a bit cooler. Many of the brambles are still filled with gorgeous soft-pink blackberry flower buds and half-dollar sized five-petaled white flowers. Aren’t the blossoms simply lovely?

flowers bud, berry FAV

The rows of blackberries are all-a-buzz with hundreds and hundreds of bees dancing from flower-to-flower. The bees are growing quite dizzy in all the frenzy and merrymaking as they gather the blackberry flower nectar in the warm mid-morning sun.  Some bees are so overcome by the sweet nectar they nearly fall off the blossom.

flowers, bud, berries and bee FAV

gathering “black gold”

Aside for the boisterous bee chorus, all is quiet and peaceful as we start down the first row of blackberries . . . seeking the dark, beautiful berries. The unmistakeable sweet fragrance of just-mowed alfalfa lingers following each sporadic breeze coming from the southwest. The first row furthest to the north is just developing berries. It is fascinating to observe the berries from bud to blossom to blackberry on one bramble.

blackberries (unripe) and flower FAV2

One ripe blackberry FAV

While many berries are still underripe, we find many gorgeous 1/2 to 1-inch berries on the south side of the rows. The darker berries are ripe. When ripe, they so sweet and luscious! My fingers become stained with the beautiful dark purple-red juice. One berry for the ice cream bucket . . . one to sample . . .Someone has to make sure they are perfectly ripe.

Blackberry clusters FAV

The effects of the warm September sun, the soothing music of the bees and nature’s aromatics are futile to resist. I look up from my intense berry gathering to find my Sweetie comfortably resting with his hands behind his head on the meadow grass between the berry rows. He looks so peaceful! Just a sneak peek into his ice cream bucket reveals there is barely enough to cover the bottom. I laugh, but am so glad he can rest! Back to picking berries, but not without first noticing my Sweetie’s quick wink and impish smile.

priceless treasures

We are both content and enjoy the amazing moments amongst the beautiful berries and brambles on a gorgeous September day. Time seems to stand still whilst picking berries. I think of nothing and everything all at once. What a day to treasure!

Soon, the two buckets of the beautiful black gems will be preserved as jam or frozen as whole berries to be enjoyed over the winter months.

blackerries in a bowl FAV

blackberry jam FAV

And . . . the memories of a gorgeous day linger as brambles are added to a lovely bouquet of roses. Memories . . . just gathering some more roses for winter . . . roses and blackberries FAV1 Love is a fruit in season at all times,

and within reach of every hand.

                                             ~Mother Teresa 

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16 responses to “Beautiful Berries and Brambles

  1. Just over the fence of our plot of land there are lots of wild brambles but I can’t reach them. So don’t temp me with these delishes looking pictures of bramble jam and so( lol)! We only have the pleasure of the very thorny and empty runners.

  2. Yum! I love blackberries!

    Have a great day – And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dearest Debbykay,

    I am always delighted with each of your lovely posts! I love the quotes you shared! How wonderful that you have so much local food to buy and even more wonderful that you grow so much of your own! The blackberry blossoms are beautiful, indeed! Oh, and the blackberries looks so delicious and sweet! I can certainly understand why your dear husband’s ice cream bucket was barely full! I am so glad he could rest as well. I pray he is feeling better! I can just imagine the hum of the bees amongst all of the blossoms. Isn’t that one of the most relaxing sounds you have heard? I love being out in God’s creation, it is just as you said, “Time seems to stand still, and I can think of nothing and everything all at once!” Yes, that is a day to treasure and I am so glad you and your husband could share it together! Your blackberry preserves look so delicious. Just think of the lovely memories that will flood your mind and heart when you enjoy your preserves this winter! The roses are gorgeous and the perfect color for Autumn!

    Much love to you my sweet kindred heart in the north.

  4. Oh how lovely — your photography is gorgeous. And the blackberries are, too!

    We visited family in Seattle years ago, and what my girls, then 4 & 5, remember most about the trip was picking blackberries!


  5. Beautiful photos of the blackberries ripening.

    I never gather enough to make anything with them – just enough to eat on my walk!

  6. Debbykay~
    What lovely photos of the blackberries! Especially the one with the roses ~ a perfect picture of late summer!
    Yes, this is a busy time of year with preserving for the coming winter months. Yet, what satisfaction there is in seeing the pantry fill with the good things from summer!
    I love picking berries and ‘just thinking!’ One can set the world aright whilst picking berries! ;~P

  7. Oh my, those are just gorgeous berries!!

  8. Brambles are so prolific here in Oregon that they are considered to be a weed. At the moment I have 12 jars of jam and ten pounds of fruit in my freezer. I love to make sweet and savory sauces with the berries when the weather is cooler. I loved your post and hope you are having a wonderful day.

    • debbykay

      Hi Mary,

      I have not though much about savory sauces using blackberries. What herbs to do you use? Other seasonings and flavors? Sounds delish!


  9. Oh sweetie, your berry pictures are gorgeous. Would sure taste good right about now with a bit of ice cream. 🙂 Thanks so much for swinging and leaving such kind words of support. They are so appreciated.. just pray darling..just pray.. hope all is well your way..hugs ~lynne~

  10. Love love love the pictures. My girlfriend use to have lots of berry bushes in her back yard and I loved getting buckets of them. Now it’s just the farmers market and I cant afford buckets.
    Great post! 🙂

  11. I love blackberries. I have many a childhood memory spending hours picking them with my grandma.

  12. Those berries are absolutely delightful! I so wish we could grow them like that around here. We do have lovely peaches though.

  13. Those are really lovely photographs and I love the berries! It’s one of my favorite things about summer. I always say to myself I need to find a you-pick place but so far I haven’t – except for pumpins…which is so much fun!

  14. Hello DebbyKay!

    You have the most amazing photos! The berries look wonderful and I especially love the photo of the Roses and Brambles. Perfect color combination!

    Have a wonderful day 🙂


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