happy, happy birthday!

Winter is back in the north, but not for two special people living where the sun shines! Today is my dad’s and godmother’s birthdays! If today is your birthday, happy birthday, too!

Happy birthday to you! happy-birthday

Wishing you sunshine and flowers on your birthdays!

Love to you!



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4 responses to “happy, happy birthday!

  1. Hope your dad & godmother have wonderful Birthdays. I wish I was living in the sun right now. I have the winter blue’s. Can’t wait for spring and the beautiful flowers.

    • debbykay

      Me, too! We received over 6 inches of snow last night! I will join you on dreaming of the spring that lies ahead! Thanks for stopping by for a chat!

  2. Darlene

    Happy Birthday to the brother and sister duol! You are fortunate that you can celebrate your special day in the warm sunshine – here there’s 5 inches of beautiful white snow covering the grayness of last week. Gotta go… time to shovel the sidewalk.


  3. Godmother

    Thanks for the lovely birthday message, Deb, and also thanks for those who responded.

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