Got Magic?…Believe…Bloom!

everyday magic!

Do you dream big dreams? Do you seek to create “magic” in the world around you? Do you make magic in the everyday things in your home, with your family or in other aspects of your life?

I am inspired to create magic when I see the possibilities of re-thinking “raw’ materials. Suzzanne’s 100 yards of rainbow ribbons (seam binding) in her studio are magical, and provides the opportunity to look at the everyday with a new perspective. Stop by and take a look at Suzzane’s creativity!

Now, look around you–what can you do with something stashed away in that box in your cupboard? How can you use something you already have in a new and fresh way?

rm_magic_0209How do you create magic with ordinary things?

do you believe?

What? You say you can’t create magic in your life and home? The first place to start creating magic and making the ordinary extraordinary–whatever that ordinary is–begins by believing it is possible!

Easier said than done! We all doubt our own ability to create some magic sometimes. Yes, it is true! One of my favorite Christmas movies is Miracle on 34th Street. You know the story line–everything changes by the end of the movie. Why? Because of belief in the improbable!


 Do you believe you can create magic in your life and home?

get inspired


Rose Mille is one of my favorite “magic stores” to feel inspired and energized. There are so many beautiful, extra-ordinary materials to help create magic! Mi’s several boxes of vintage hand-dyed osterich millinery are so amazing-the texture, color and the movement of the feathers! The feather millinery is captivating! Box full of Magic

I leave with a very soft, luxurious peach feather. It looks just like a hollywood diva’s powder puff! It will be perfect on the dressing table for a little touch of magical glam each morning!


bloom…create magic and magical moments in the everyday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Will you leave a line about how you are creating magic in your life?


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8 responses to “Got Magic?…Believe…Bloom!

  1. Edie

    Miss Debbykay ~
    Your magic is working!! Thank heavens it is Friday and I have the weekend to get some fairy dust out and get some magic created! This piece is wonderful and will no doubt have anyone who reads it inspired to run to their closets, cupboards and sheds for that perfect item that will bring a NEW Magic to their home, yard or family event!!! The pictures are just perfect for your magical writing just makes it all come together… 🙂 Can hardly wait for the next entry!

  2. Edie

    I forgot to mention the white bird in the Magic picture appears to be a very magic part to this picture as the first time I looked I did not see her and this time she just jumped out at me as to say get busy… you can do it and it will be lovely…

    Love & Hugs

  3. rebekahp

    Ohhh! I love the feathers. How fun! Its amazing what little items of glamor can do to make every day better.

  4. Ohhh beautiful magic in this post!! Love the glitter signs and the feathers… oh my!

    xo Heather

  5. Edie

    Good Morning Debbykay~

    I started some magic in my powder room. I took my VBS to Menards to purchase soft light bulbs.. I now have 8 warm glowing bulbs in the powder room and added a soft pink vase with silk creamy white spring flowers… I will see about a soft color for new hand towels to bring a more warm look…

    I also, stained the antique doll cradle and sealed the cute little cupboard. I should finish those this evening provided the VBS can help with the screwdriver and the clamps for the cradle that will need another few days!

    Abbigail and I took down the evergreen in the family room. A 3 year olds idea of careful are very different than mine but the feather birds all survived the packing!! 🙂

    Keep the ideas coming Debbykay as I am on a roll…
    Love and hugs

  6. Wow, Debbykay! How nice of you to mention my shop. Awwwww pishawwww! (?) And the photos look lovely on you blog. But you my dear, are an inspirational force all by yourself. You have totally inspired the inspirer in mi. Now it is off to fantasy land for mi! xxoo

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