Gifts of Spring

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers.
~Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry (1557)

colorful packages

One of the most amazaing floral designers that I know, Cindie from Camrose Hill, asks “what is inspiring about spring for you?” As I think about her question, I start considering all the “gifts of spring” that I receive. So many gifts…each is brightly wrapped in the most amazing and creative ways! Thinking on these things create beauty in my life.

Daffodils and a Tulip in Dawn's Early Light

Daffodils and a Tulip in Dawn's Early Light


a few word pictures

Here are a few of perfectly wrapped gifts of spring that I receive and am sharing little word pictures with you:

1. Timmy and Jenny Wren’s good morning songs jubilantly sung from the “old-soul” maple tree limb outside the bedroom window
2. small forsythia blossoms, like delicate flutterbys, cheerfully welcome the morning sun
3. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird’s soft, deep-throated love calls as they laborously build their cozy nest in the ole’ English dovecote (and wondering if, once again, Mr. Bluedbird will gently perch on my shoulder to whisper another sweet little secret in my ear?)
4. fresh, green sprigs of grass–each blade a banquet feast for the araconas, who start their amazing production of turquoise jewels
5. lush velvet carpets of woodland moss with random blooms of miniscule soft, white flowers roll-out before travelers’ afternoon walks

Carpets of Flowering Moss

Carpets of Flowering Moss

6. envigorating fragrances from the earth’s awakening following her long winter’s slumber
7. long. slender necks of gaily-colored tulips singing out their songs of joy, while sunshine-colored daffs triumphantly proclaiming that spring is here

Triumphet Daffodils

Triumphant Daffodils

8. a pair of old loves lingering a bit longer into the evening on the weathered tree swing… the kindred hearts still holding hands after all these years
These are but a few of the love gifts of hope, inspiration and joy that each spring brings to our little Rose Cottage– “the house that love built” –as our cottage was sweetly called by my true love’s beloved Swedish grandmother. 

What are your gifts of spring?

Daffodils and Rembrant Tulips

Daffodils and Rembrant Tulips

Visit Melissa at The Inspired Room for more ideas about the beautiful life.

Best wishes for a lovely and inspiring spring filled with many gifts!


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20 responses to “Gifts of Spring

  1. Edie

    Miss Debbykay~
    Oh how lovely – I can hear the precious wrens singing and the loving blue bird couple perched on the birdfeeder taking turns eating the special seeds…. The fresh smell of spring is in the air.. and then April Fools brings snow!!! What is up with that….

    Yet, another beautiful post……..


  2. Dear Debbykay,
    What a delightful post! I am enjoying your Rose Cottage so very much. Reading about your lovely gifts of spring was a delight! The photos are so lovely and go perfectly with your sweet writings. We recently saw several blue birds in our garden and enjoy watching momma Carolina Wren perched atop her nest that looks so very cozy and snug, all the flowers blooming, many coming back from the year before, like seeing an old friend… so many wonderful gifts of spring. I am so thankful for them all!

    Thank you for sharing such loveliness! And, thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment you left for me. I was so very blessed by your kind words and I thank you for taking time to visit me! I enjoy visiting with you so much!

    Have a blessed evening! I am so very glad to have found you!

    Love, Paula

  3. Greetings Debbiekay, This is a good Spring day for me encountering your blog. I am going to enjoy coming back to catch up on more of your stories. This is a lovely ode to Spring. I really enjoyed it and your beautiful photography. I have not been blogging too long and am always on the look out for blogs predominantly leaning towards roses. So I am glad I found you. I have not seen too many yet, which has surprised me. Of course, it is not just all about roses. I too am tremendously into wild-life as well and other aspects of living in a country home.
    I had to laugh at Edie’s post above. April fool, she is right. We were gardening to our hearts’ content yesterday in the sunshine, pruning roses and voila, this morning it was snowing. Not sticking though!!!

  4. Francesco


    What beautiful and restful thoughts you have shared with us. With sentiments such as these, your True Love’s words must often be “as you wish”!

    Best regards,

  5. I really enjoyed your inspiring words on Spring..Your blog is delightfully charming!
    Warm Wishing,
    Jo-Anne Coletti

  6. rebekahp

    You create such beautiful images with your writing! I can see spring so clearly—even though it is snowy and rainy.

    A wonderful glimpse into the beautiful warm days of spring.

  7. Love your post….Your writing is just amazing to me..It paints such a beautiful image in my head…Love the daffodils….
    I just so love Spring..It’s my favorite time of year…

  8. Madai

    Hi Debby Kay,

    I was totally absorbed by your beautiful photos and lovely writing… a sheer delight!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts… they have touched me so much!
    I really appreciate your visits at Wren Cottage and your kind comments…
    Love to you kindred spirit 🙂
    xo Madai

  9. Lisa

    Inspired by your words and photo’s I placed some soft pink hyacinths and tulips in the small puddle of sunshine that seeps through my kitchen window. They are working their magic, radiating spring and hope, and both kitchen and heart are brighter for it!

  10. There’s nothing more beautiful than a spring flower

  11. That was a beautiful post! I will love living through your springtime while it is autumn here 🙂

  12. Love that tiny carpet of grass of flowers-
    When I see the cherry blossoms I know spring is here.
    have a great day

  13. I am enjoying the birds this Spring.

    Beautiful post.

  14. Dear sweet Debbykay,
    I wanted to say thank you for the very kind and sweet comment you left for me! I was so blessed and encouraged by your lovely and uplifting words! Thank you for taking time to visit me! I feel those same sentiments toward you, and all that I find here at your dear and beautiful Rose Cottage! I am very inspired by you, and blessed by your sweet spirit!
    Sweet blessings to you!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Love, Paula

  15. Let me raise my voice to match your spring time song. For me spring is the wee mother hummingbird who has chosen to nest on my patio chandelier. The babies should arrive any day. What fun!

  16. Debbie Kay thank you for your visit and sweet comment. Your photos are beautiful. I could just eat that daffodil with the sunlight streaming in. Yummy! I so love spring with all the beautiful gifts we’re given this time of year. Lovely post! ♥

  17. I love your “word pictures.” They develope in your “minds eye” like sweet old memories. I don’t live on a farm, although a bucolic setting has always been a dream of mine, but my childhood weekends were spent frolicing with my siblings, and numerous cousins, through the fields of my dear Aunt Stella’s little farm. It was a heavenly way to grow up. Your multi generational family unit also stirs my memory……Mother had seven siblings, so when we gathered at the farm (which was most weekends, holidays and special occasions) ages ranged from grandparents to newborn. Your photos and words are beautiful and inspiring. I enjoy my visits.

    PS: I’m not likely to forget your name. I’m Kay and my sister is Debbie.

  18. What a beautiful spring post…. It is a gorgeous spring day here and we are soaking up the sun today. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

    xo Heather

  19. Hi Debbie Kay,
    Your post is so beautiful! Your photos are amazing and one can almost touch the booms. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  20. Such lovely, lovely pictures. Who could not be cheerful when looking at those daffodils?
    ♥, Susan

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