Putting on the Nines {happy birthday!

My heart is like a singing bird…
Because the birthday of my life
Is come, my love is come to me

                                 ~Christine Rosseti

more rare than a blue moon

Some say it is special because it is a trinumeral day —  09 09 09 — and it doesn’t come around very often. Not even as often as a blue moon. I think a special guy who is celebrating his 09 09 09 birthday with me is even more rare.

9 days of birthdays

So, what does one do to make  a 09 09 09  birthday special for my dear one . . . especially, when it is mine, too? Friends and colleauges share a plethera of fabulous ideas for a festive and memorable celebration. Hmmm…what ideas are doable and on a frugalist budget? The “Nine Days of Birthdays” — similiar to the “12 Days of Christmas”  — is the result of one highly-productive evening gathering of astute minds.


On the first day of nine birthdays  . . . one love poem

Day 2 — Two  Godiva turtle chocolates

Day 3 – Three Coins in a Fountain: three gold coins to toss in one of the fountains at Rose Cottage, and coins tossed in Rome’s Trevi Fountain by a friend

Day 4 – A dazzling four-leaf clover from a lass who is a wee bit of Irish

Day 5 –  Framed favorite photo from a dreamy trip to Cinque Terre, Italy with the purple and pink sunset over the Mediterranean Sea in the background

Day 6 – Six voluptuous peach roses each saying “I love you” in a different languages

Day 7 – Seven “Lucky Nines” lotto cards

Day 8 – Eight different birthday songs

Day 9 – Nine little gifts throughout the day at nine minutes past the hour

 I want to be an artist
To paint pictures just for you,
So when each birthday comes around,
I can send you quite a few.


Happy birthday to my true love, soul mate and best friend! I am so glad to share MY birthday with you, too!


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6 responses to “Putting on the Nines {happy birthday!

  1. I didn’t realize that today was 09/09/09! until you told us!
    Happy birthday to your love, and what a wonderful idea for celebrating! ‘9 days of Birthdays!’ You are always so clever!
    Thanks for the reminder of the day and for sharing your creativity!

  2. Happy birthday to your true love, what a heart felt celebration. By the way I did my things I love post. Thank you again. Clarice

  3. Happy Birthday to you both! What a special time! I think we should all celebrate for a week or more! ENJOY! I love your blog! Your photos are amazing!

  4. Good afternoon dearest Debbykay,

    Happiest of Birthdays to you and your dear soul mate! How wonderful that you both share the same birthday, and to enjoy a 09-09-09 birthday is truly special. I love the quotes you shared and your wonderful ideas for celebrating such a memorable event. Your ideas are full of love, romance and thoughtfulness… things that are treasured forever!!! We indeed are kindred spirits for I have a birthday this month as well! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your sweet and loving words and for making me feel ever so welcome at your lovely Rose Cottage. How kind of you to have my favorite rose tea cup waiting for me! I so look forward to sharing a cup of tea with you dear one. Your antique linens are gorgeous. Were they your dear grandmother’s or found at a favorite antique store? You do set such a lovely table. Oh, I love the rose bouquet you so lovingly arranged just for me! My the fragrance is lovely! Violet tea sounds so delicious, and it is indeed a special tea for a special day! How thoughtful of you to share tea from your wonderful dream trip to France…. it is a perfect tea for kindred hearts to share! Yes, I would love some fresh Rose Cottage jam on my warm biscuits. The triple berry with violet syrup sounds lovely. Oh, it is so delicious! How wonderful to enjoy something made by your loving and artistic hands.

    With much love to you my dear, sweet friend!

    Love your kindred heart in the south,

  5. Hope you and your husband had a wonderful birthday!!! Wishing you many many more to come full of health and happiness. xoxo

  6. Francesco

    Dear Debbykay,

    What a fortunate man your soulmate is! I can only imagine how loved and charished he feels.

    What a lucky guy.

    I hope that you both enjoyed your birthdays and that it was special for you in many ways.

    Best regards,

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