Fall Nesting {summer in a jar

The late summer garden has a tranquility

found no other time of year.

                                                              ~William Longgood

time for change

September is my favorite time of the year . . . the air is crisp, clear and fresh . . . the early morning and evening lighting is more enhanced as the angle of the sun changes . . . and fall colors are starting to emerge on the trees. Just this week, glimmers of vibrant reds and golden yellows sporadically dot the sugar maples and sumacs along our river town. The colors are promising to be a gorgeous contrast to the vibrant greens enjoyed throughout the summer.

Amur Maple FAV

I think about September as a time of change. It is a time of change in that new creative ideas and goals for the months ahead can be made. One way of change is to decorate for fall — simple ideas that make a home feel welcoming, warm and cozy. Jenny Wren needs a little update to celebrate fall around one of her many houses at Rose Cottage. Don’t you think her nest looks quite autumnal bedecked with broom corn?

Wren House and broom corn FAV 3

What fall decorations are you adding to welcome friends and family to your front door?

time of preparation

September is also a time of preparing and preserving the summer garden produce for the months ahead. I really feel that I am “nesting” as I put fresh vegetables and fruit in jars to be enjoyed in the months ahead or give as gifts with family and friends.

Marybeth shared a few of her antique canning jars with me — some are from 1858! I think about all the women (and men) who “put food up” for the winter months in these amazing hand-blown glass jars. I wonder what their lives were like as they began their fall nesting . . .

Ball and Jewell FAV

Canadian Jewel FAV

Green Ball Jar and Strawberries

Jewel lid FAV

While the dark olive green Ball is perfectly beautiful and rare, and the Canadian Jewel is a real treasure, I still am quite drawn to the lovely blue canning jars — all in various shades from a robin’s egg blue to cobalt. 

 Four Blue Canning Jars

1858 MASon and other antique blues with roses

EZ Seal Antique and Cobalt Blue FAV 1

1858 Mason FAV

Nov 30 1858 CLOSE FAV

While preserving and “putting food by” is a bit of work, it is immensely satisfying to see the glimmering jars of golden peaches, red tomatoes, perfectly sliced pickles, and an array of  jeweled jams and jellies lining the pantry shelves.

Pickled onions and bird FAV

Jeweled Raspberry Jelly FAV

Sweet Baby Crock Pickles

Crab Apple Pickles

Best Ketchup EVER FAV

Sometimes, I go down to the pantry cellar, turn on the overhead light and just admire the gifts of summer. 

Strawberry Jam

For me, canning or preserving is like putting summer in a jar to enjoy when the north winds howl and temperatures are well-below zero — just a few months away!


Do you put a bit of summer in a jar? Do you have a favorite to preserve?

Perfect Seal and Brown eyed Susan FAV

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30 responses to “Fall Nesting {summer in a jar

  1. What lovely pictures. I love all your summer in a jar. Must taste delicious. Have a nice day

  2. I love all the pictures of the old jars and canning!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous images! My favorite time of year!

  4. Liz

    Utterly beautiful. I love the images of the old jars, there is just something magical about using them for canning. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your images of fall were wonderful but I found your photos of “put-by” food just beautiful. Their color and clarity are amazing. I hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer.

  6. Hi!
    What lovely pictures. Everthing looks so tasty, and I especially love those blue jars. You’re right about canning being so satisfying – mostly when you’re done and can admire all the results. I “put up” berries in the freezer — does that count?
    Thanks for sharing such a pretty post!
    Heidi-Heart and Home

  7. Wonderful jars … and yummy looking preserves. We have grapes growing here, and will be making jam too.
    Gorgeous pics — love the broom corn!

  8. There is nothing so satisfying as a pantry full of “summer!” Your photos are magazine worthy ~ such lovely images. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  9. I only wish I was as ambitious when it comes to preparing canning from summer’s bounty. I so admire that. I love to collect the old vintage jars. But I never knew there was cobalt! Where oh where can I find such a lovely specimen? And the birdhouse is bedecked in such a darling way. Birds shall flock to be first in line to lease your space!

  10. Gorgeous! You’ve captured the spirit of the upcoming change of seasons just perfectly!
    Lovely photos; bright, clear and colorful ~ they are so cheery!

  11. davidapeterson

    O fall, how I love it so much… but what comes after it I am not so much a fan of!

    We must finish canning this weekend!! I am missing the “ping” of the jars telling us a job well done.

    By the way… your pictures turned out great!

  12. Typically Fall is my favorite month– but some how this lush summer has kept me hanging on fiercly. We still have some beautiful colors to be captured.

    Its almost like- if i give in and plan a door decoration it will HAVE to be Fall — even if i resist. LOL ok – its official Im a nut!

    Beautiful canning work — love the shots.

    If you have a moment I would love you to stop by!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  13. Oh what a lovely post! I adore your canning jars, and I don’t blame you a bit for just looking at them often! I hope to can pears this year. We have an old pear tree and it is full and ready to begin harvesting.

  14. Good Morning DebbyKay!

    Your photos are so beautiful! I am anxiously awaiting Autumn. My favorites season. I wish I had planted Broom Corn after seeing yours, so lovely. It’s on my list for next year 🙂

    I love seeing the jewel toned jars of Summer as well. It is such a feeling of satisfaction, especially opening a can of sun ripened peaches while sitting near the woodstove while it’s snowing 🙂

    I’ve been canning as well. The past 2 days I’ve made Red Onion Jam, Zucchini Salsa and Vanilla Plum Syrup. In addition to freezing and drying 🙂
    I will be working on more berries this week and tomatoes too. Things are off to a late start here in SW Colorado.

    Have a wonderful day DebbyKay and thank you for sharing 🙂


  15. I’m so behind, first thanks for stopping by my blog for OW.

    I love meeting new bloggers!!!!

    Great canning pictures. It reminds me of my grandma. The DD and I will from time to time put up a few jars of Apple Butter and Apple Sauce. I am also anticipating having to put up several quarts of my grandmas recipe of her real mince meat as I am going to use the last jar this holiday season.


  16. Bottling and canning is a great way of celebrating the between season and harvesting crops. Best of all your family gets to enjoy all that yummy good ness for months to come. Fall is my favorite season and although i have moved a million miles away to the tropics it still feels like indian summer to this farmer’s daughter.

  17. Francesco


    Thank you sharing your thoughts about your favorate time of year. It seems that we bow to the demands of the season and fall is a time to gather and prepare for the on coming winter.

    I am sure that in Jan and Feb you will be enjoying these wonderful fruits that you have so lovingly “put up”.

    Best regards,

  18. What a wonderful blog entry! Looks so lovely. It made me remember my grandmother who always made preserves. Sadly we no longer do.
    The only thing I still preserve are plum or pears in a sour/sweet sauce.They are marvelous with chicken and fries.

  19. freepjam

    I love how you refer to canning fruits & vegetables as putting summer in a jar 🙂

    My grandma used to do a lot of canning. She also made dill pickles.

    Your pictures of all the canning jars are so pretty. I also like the blue ones best 🙂

    Thanks for checking out my yellow vs purple post. You should take a shot at writing a post about orange — you might discover that it’s not such a bad colour after all 🙂 It isn’t one of my favourites either, but I decided to “decorate” the backyard deck with orange and bright green, and I really like how the two colours work together.

    Is Regal Passion a paint colour?? If it’s purple, I’m sure it’d work for me 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  20. What a timely post. Your beautiful pictures have me ready to enjoy the change of seasons and the old canning jars are objects of inspiring beauty. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  21. Thank you for the sweet comment and stopping by my blog. I love those photos. I’m dying to get my hands on a couple of them and give them the vintage look like I did with my blog banner. Soo pretty.

  22. “…north winds howl and temperatures are well-below zero…” has me hyperventilating. I hope those jars of summer get you through.

  23. What an absolutely beautiful post. It amazes me that you can take jars with the fruits of your labor and make them a work of art. Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving such a sweet comment. It means the world. Right now my plate is a little full to over flowing and there are days I struggle just to keep my head on straight. Your prayers are so appreciated. I’ll put you and yours on my prayers list as well… I hope you’re having a super Labor Day Weekend..hugs ~lynne~

  24. Edie

    09.09.09 Hmmmm I know it is your BIRTHDAY today along with your Sweetie.. What a fun celebration!! I hope you and Steven have fabulous birthday’s!!!

    Oh, and have you heard back . . . I can hardly wait to hear the news on this up coming opportunity!!!

    Your cheering fan….

  25. Yes, I love your “gifts of summer”. So beautiful in their round jars. How much pleasure that must give you when it is all said and done and waiting for a winter’y day….


  26. Dearest Debbykay,

    Oh, I am always delighted and inspired to see what you have been doing around your lovely Rose Cottage! September is my favorite time of year as well, and Autumn my favorite season! My birthday is on the 22nd, the first day of fall.

    I agree, September is a month for change and fall decorating is such an enjoyable task! We have also been busily re-decorating our Rose Cottage, room by room, little by little. It will take time but I am excited about the changes in our decor, and colors as well! Though pink will always be a favorite of mine, 🙂 it is time for a new palette!

    I think Jenny Wren’s nest looks quite beautiful with the broom corn! How wonderful that the leaves are already changing colors! Such loveliness is always to be found at your Rose Cottage! Your photos are gorgeous Debbykay. Each one a delight to look at! I almost feel as if I am seeing the beauty your surround yourself with in person, and your writings certainly make me feel that way, too!

    I love your beautiful collection of antique Mason Jars. Isn’t it wonderful how something so utilitarian can be a thing of beauty as well? The strawberries and flowers are such a lovely touch to your vignette! Oh, the jars of food you have put by are a thing of beauty, too! I love how you said, it is “summer in a jar!” What a blessing for you and your dear ones to enjoy the fruit of your labor throughout the coming cold winter months.

    Much love to you my dear kindred heart in the north!

  27. Look at you, using mason jars for what they were intended. All organized and fabulous you are! I loooooove the blue jars. Really cool. Thanks for stopping by!

  28. What a glorious post! (I followed the link from Emily’s place.) It’s made me feel all nostalgic and I don’t even like pickles or grow fruit. An inspiration…thank you!

  29. Charming post!!! Love how you look on the canned goods as “summer in a jar”.

  30. Absolutely gorgeous, both the canning and the photography! You are set for the winter! Thanks for sharing!

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