Night Magic

When bright flowers bloom
Parchment crumbles, my words fade
The pen has dropped …


Spring brings the amazing flowering trees at Rose Cottage. First, the ancient apricot tree blooms early in April–the sweet fragrances just make us swoon!  How we love when the soft southernly breezes carry the intoxicating fragrances up through the windows in the early evening…

Flowering Crab Pink Close

The fragrant pink flowering crab steals the limelight for a week or two in May with the spectacular display of pink flowers. Planted as a mere 18-inch high “stick” in celebration of our Very Sweet Girl’s birth and baptism, it has grown into an amazing beauty–just like our little miracle daughter! What a marvel.

Flowering Crab Pink Close2

The flowering crab is covered in so many soft pink blossoms we can’t even see the bright spring green leaves–it is like a giant, super-sized stick of pink cotton candy from the county fair! Don’t you agree?

Flowering Crab Pink Close 3

We use little white garden lights on several arbors, in bushes around the porches and on a few trees at Rose Cottage. The little lights twinkle like stars when breezes blow the leaves–it is so romantic to sit in the gardens or on the porch at night amongst the “stars!”  Ahhh….

Flowering Crab Night

The pink flowering crab creates such night magic with over 1200 little stars nestled in the soft pink clouds.

Flowering Crab Night Close

The Snowdrift crab next to the porch will be amazing covered in little garden lights–maybe, next year when the branches are a bit stronger.

Snowdrift Crab close

Will you join us in the garden for a cup of coffee after dinner…under the stars with pink clouds floating overhead?

It will be a magical evening!


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11 responses to “Night Magic

  1. Hi DebbieKay,
    Lovely to stop by on your site after a little lapse from blogging for me. Love these Spring blossom trees. I was at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC recently and I could not help but admire the flowering crab, just like yours and I took lots of pictures of it. What a beautiful idea to have the fairy lights amongst your trees. I am sure it is a sight to behold, I can almost feel the ambience!

    Thank you for sharing.
    Pauline ( now a for a little catch up on some posts I may have missed)

    Have a great weekend

    • debbykay

      Hi Pauline,

      So good to have you stop by for a visit again! What a dream trip you must have had at Butchart! Someday…

      Do you have lights in your lovely gardens? We have lights on the arbors, pergola, in some shrubs and on a few trees. I just love the magical ambience the lights create–makes everything romantic. The lights are on timers so we enjoy them year ’round–each season gives a different look.

      Thanks for stopping by after your trip!

  2. rebekahp

    What beautiful blooms! The fragrance must be wonderful. I love white lights in the summer!

  3. My dear sweet Debbykay,

    What a joy and delight it is to visit you in your beautiful garden, at your sweet Rose Cottage! I feel most welcome! The pink flowering crab is very beautiful! It was wonderful for you to have planted that when your sweet girl was born and baptized! Indeed it is an amazing beauty… just like your daughter!

    I do agree, it does look like a stick of pink cotton candy! I love all of the little twinkle lights. I can imagine how romantic it is to spend the evenings in your garden with the soft breeze blowing those sweet sparkles into the night. The snowdrift crab is beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos and your lovely written words! You are always such an inspiration, and I leave my visits with you uplifted and full of good ideas to bless my family with! Oh, how I would love to join you for a cup of coffee, under the stars, with the pink clouds floating overhead! It would be a magical evening.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. It is always a blessing for me to see you have visited, and left me such kind words to read! Indeed, though we are separated by many miles, we are kindred hearts… loving the same things. It is such a blessing to have ‘met’ you, and to be able to share a part of our Rose Cottage’s with one another.

    I was terribly sorry to hear you have Lyme disease! I understand that you feel completely exhausted all the time. It is a serious disease. I am praying for you dear, sweet friend! My heart breaks that you are suffering! Please keep me posted!

    I cannot recall the name of the sweetpea I planted this year, but I will find out and let you know. They do smell wonderful, but last year I planted Nelly Viner and its fragrance was intoxicating! I am so glad that, though it is getting hot, the sweetpeas are still in bloom, but I don’t think they will last too much longer. This year I will have to plant them earlier.

    I do love to go fishing with my dear husband and sweet son, but they go out quite a bit more than I do. Whilst they are enjoying fishing, I garden, sew, bake, or re-decorate. I am wanting to simplify and have lots of creams and whites in my home, with touches of pink roses here and there, of course! So, I have been sewing pillow covers and curtains.

    I am so glad you have been enjoying your garden and the lovely sounds of Bob the rooster, and the sweet song birds. Isn’t it so relaxing to be in the garden among God’s beautiful creation.

    Thank you for letting me know how to dry hydrangeas. They are so beautiful, I look forward to drying them, so I can enjoy their continued beauty throughout the winter. I will be sure to look at your Flickr photos to see the hydrangeas you dried for your sweet girls’ wedding. I know they are beautiful and that she was a beautiful bride! You are so kind to be sure they are posted for me. I do hope you enjoy your time in the garden. Please take care of yourself and rest all that you can. Know that I am holding you up in prayer. Thank you again for taking time to visit with me and for your kind thoughts and friendship!

    Bless you dear friend, with love and kindest regards from your kindred heart!

    • debbykay

      Dear Paula,

      Thank you for stopping by Rose Cottage this morning! Your thoughts are so sweet! Your home furnishings sounds so lovely–creams and whites are so soothing, refreshing and peaceful all at once. Plus, you can add all the roses and pinks for color. You have created a lovely home for your dear family and friends!

      I will stop by soon over at your Rose Cottage to see what is growing in your garden next!

  4. I love your beautiful flowering tree. Mine are just starting to bloom. I love the heady fragrance. I loved reading about your jelly making.

    • debbykay

      While short-lived, aren’t flowering trees and shrubs amazing? I hope you are enjoying your flowering trees this weekend!

  5. OOOOOHHHHH!!!! I just looooooove your tree…Such a pretty shade of pink…I love how you put the light in the tree to…Your pictures turned out amazing…Just love them..

    • debbykay

      We just love little white lights on the arbors and trees! It is so magical in the evenings–what more could a girl want?! Have you added garden lights this year?

  6. Edie

    My Sweet Sister~
    I’m back for a minute – what magical lights you have my dear.. . I put out my garden lamp post and it looks wonderful – it even has a dimmer switch which really makes for a magical warm look.
    You are amazing – keep up the creative writing!

    • debbykay

      I can just image how romantic the lamp post must be! What a wonderful addition to your gardens! What a great idea to add a dimmer switch.

      I am so glad you came by for a little chat! Your words of encouragement are like a ray of warm sunshine on this overcast day!

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