Awake! It’s spring…time to get organized!

Awake, thou wintry earth –
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn

tip 1: a place for everything

Do you sometimes feel “weighted down” or dreary during March even though the signs of spring are emerging everywhere?

Signs of Spring: Roses and Peony

Signs of Spring: Roses and Peony

Signs of Spring: Bird's Nest

Signs of Spring: Bird's Nest

Do you look around your home and wonder “where did all this stuff come from?” I do–tell me I am not alone!

For me, spring is a perfect time to help renew and refresh my spirit by organizing a closet, corner or a room. When organized, I am free of the burden of wondering, “where did I put…” and am not spending countless moments looking for something! I remember one of Grandmother Ione’s sayings, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Spring is a great time to be reminded of not giving clutter a chance to form.

Time for a Little Spring Tea

Time for Spring Tea Joined by Grandmother Ione's Mother (Myrtle Maderson)

tip 2: quality over quantity

At Rose Cottage, there is a closet under the stairs that is a catch all–it is Fibber McGee’s closet! Get a quick peak at the closet by watching the video. Time to tackle that closet–even though the mere thought is colossal! With my Very Best Boy’s help–yes, the same one as the cinnamon roll baker on the “Home Alone” post! We take EVERYTHING out of McGee’s closet. Soon there is only a path through the living room and the dining room!

Please tell me that someone else has a Fibber McGee’s closet!

tip 3: don’t put it down {put it away, give it away or throw it away

Living in a small 1880’s cottage with very limited storage for nearly thirty years, requires on-going organization. Asking, “how will I use…this year?” can help reduce the quantity of “stuff” that gathers over the winter months. Next, it is time to make decisions about what to do with the stuff!

tip 4: pile, don’t file!

…that is, pile so that “stuff” can find new homes! Soon piles grow destined for recycling, tossing or giving away. My Very Best Boy decides there is some “stuff” he can use at his house away at college! I decide in order to have a more beautiful and inspired life this year, I need to simplify and have less quantity. There is a lot of accumulation over the winter!

Do you have a proliferation of “stuff “over the winter, too?

tip 5: spring forward!

Time at last for all the piles to move out the door. Bags, bags and even more bags (too many to count!) are dropped off at the Good Will. Going off to the GW is not without risk of bringing stuff home. I come home with just a just a few vintage treasures for spring nest fluffing from some favorite shops!

Sweet Velvet Bunnies Making Spring Deliveries

Sweet Velvet Bunnies Making Spring Deliveries (from Rose Mille)

Vintage Moss Rose Finds, Millinery and Bird Frame

Vintage Moss Rose Finds, Millinery and Bird Frame

For more about getting organized, Melissa over at The Inspired Room has some stylish ideas and tips to help you getting started on fluffing your nest.

Fluffing the Nest at Rose Cottage

Fluffing the Nest at Rose Cottage

Won’t you leave a comment and tell me how you are fluffing your nest this spring?



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17 responses to “Awake! It’s spring…time to get organized!

  1. David

    How did that camera get into our house?! That clost is just like how our closet use to look, ha ha!! And thanks for the new things in my kitchen, I can’t wait to try out my new bread pan!

  2. Francesco


    You mentioned you have quite a challenge with space, it must be very difficult for you deciding which treasure to keep and which to part with and share with others.

    Thank you for your inspiration to find a place for everything that is important.

    Best regards,

  3. rebekahp

    First, I absolutely love the photos in the post! Especially the spring bunnies– you have such an imagination to perk them up in such a fabulous way. Your post inspired me to clean out my linen closet and get organized. It needs it. Do you have any suggestions for how to organize linens? Should they go in baskets or Rubbermaid containers or do you recommend something else?


  4. I’m such a piler, too! Why is it so much easier to make a pile than to just file it away? I think piling makes me feel like I’m at least doing half the job. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your lovely lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it. Welcome to the world of Blogland, I’m sure you’ll find your way around and feel at home soon. Oh, yes! I can relate to your tips, sometimes I have to be ruthless to throw away things that I think might come in handy “one day” and things that I think are sentimental, but there are always so many of them……… One thing I really regret and don’t know where I’ve placed or misplaced is my girls’ prettiest smocked dresses which they wore on their first birthday, that was a mistake I made over-fluffing my nest. I’m still hopeful they’ll turn up one day. I often think if we ever build another house, I’ll have a big big room for storage, all nicely arranged and organised………(dream on, dream on……)

  6. Mom

    How inspiring – after reading your blog this morning, I am even more encouraged to set my face like a flint and get 100% organized! I’ve already cleaned the inside of my car which often is a traveling office (papers and magazines in the back seat & floor) and a mini truck with bags of stuff for the Goodwill the next time I go to Stillwater — next time doesn’t seem to come very often so more stuff piles up.You and young Mr David have again blessed me – when last Tuesday the two of you made a huge dent in getting my home organized and freshened up for spring! To come home from the office and see shinny floors, dust free furniture and accessories, freshly laundered and neatly folded towels and rugs, a long ago purchased piece of art hanging on the wall, & long forgotten spring colored sofa pillows replacing the dreary winter ones — what a wonderful surprise and blessing! Oh and did I mention the freshly laundered linens on my bed? Words are feeble communications to express my gratitude.
    Your Mom.

  7. Edie

    Good Morning Miss Debbykay~
    Once again, a FABULOUS BLOG! The pictures are just THE BEST.. I forgot you adopted those bunnies and the nest with the eggs is just precious!

    I am more inspired to get the rest of my SPRING cleaning and simplifying done now.. After I was “Unquarantined” by my VBS – the weekend before I had played with my VBS (very best sister)and didn’t do my part of the taxes!! I have the taxes behind me and the mess is cleaned up — I can focus once again… I have a guestroom that is reminding me of THE CLOSET I must get to now!!

    I guess I will be off to Target for more totes!!

    Keep inspiring all of us!

    Love ya,

  8. Oh my, what a beautiful post. I just love that little poem by Thomas Blackburn. Thanks for the tips they will come in use..What pretty pictures & I love the roses…

  9. Edie

    Good Morning MVBS!
    AWWWWWWW… Yep, this really is AWESOME!! The angels – of course my favorites… the birds.. the pink touch of color the spring tree buds…. OHHHHH Yes, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! Fabtabulous Bekah and Debbykay!!!


  10. Good morning! I was so pleased to see your kind comment on my blog and I clicked right over to find your beautiful page. I am teacher on Spring Break right now and I have been in full nesting mode these last few days, mostly shopping for “feathers” to fluff out here and there but also hanging things in my still new house and changing things around. It’s funny how I get stuck with a picture in my head of how I had my things arranged in my old house, something I’ve had to break away from. I’m headed to Arkansas today and plan to shop on the way. I will continue to check in with you. I love the flowers and nests and bunnies (I have about a million of those–one of the purchases I can never resist!) and I hope to include some similar items in the Easter decorating I’d like to do before my break is over.

  11. Great tips and such a pretty post to inspire us! Thank you for sharing!

  12. sigh… yes I am feeling this same way. I have been looking around my house and realizing that if I keep filling it up the way I do then we will have to move out. hehe

    I loved your tips! We all need a little encourgement to get organized I think… thanks for such a great post.

    xo heather

    p.s.- thanks about the apron!

  13. Oh I adore your velvet bunnies.

    I am currently in the midst of spring cleaning and with pulling everything out it looks more like the McGee’s closet. 🙂

  14. I definately have a Fibber McGee closet at my place! Oh, and a couple of drawers like that too 🙂

  15. I have been cleaning out nooks and crannies. We have non profit organizations that call here at least once a week asking for donations. I always put something out for them. Makes me feel so much better to donate something usable and have a little less in my home.

  16. Dear Debby Kay,
    I enjoyed this post so much! Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips and your gorgeous photos! The bunnies are so sweet! I love Spring and I love to organize. One of my favorite was to fluff and feather my nest is to rearrange furniture and make new vignettes to keep things fresh looking. I go through my things and donate what is no longer used or needed.

    Thank you for all the inspiration!
    Love and blessings, Paula

  17. Hi, I thought I would say you have a wonderful site and this was a very informative article. I bookmarked your site and have it in my reader now…looking forward to more content in the future.

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