Time in a Bottle

Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey.

It reminds us to cherish each moment,

because it will never come again.

What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.

                                                                                                               ~Jean-Luc Picard

springing forward…reluctantly!

Today, I am taking the leap! I am setting my watch an hour ahead for daylight savings time–yes, it is the Friday following the change to daylight savings time! “No kidding! But, I haven’t changed the time on the clock in my car…I want to save all the time I can! What is that you say? I won’t really save time by not changing my clock? Ah…well…!

Thinking About Time

Thinking About Time

cherish is the word I use to describe…

Cherishing moments I have with my VBS, children, family and friends is something I am thinking about a bit lately. Cherishing is the fundamental essence of living the beautiful life that Melissa writes about on The Inspired Room –whether it is cherishing a family keepsake, finding a long-forgotten treasure, making our homes lovely or spending time with loved ones!

What do you cherish the most to create the beautiful life?

Each spring as my watch is set ahead, I think how quickly time passes! How is it that it is just a blink and our babies grow into amazing adults that we want to be around! When the babies were…well, babies…it seemed like they were always going to be little, sitting next to the table in their high chairs during meal times, climbing into their cribs at bedtime or asking to have just one more story read…”ohhh, pleeeeeeease, Mama!” In reality, there are only a finite number of times to enjoy shared meals, bedtime stories or sunsets…but usually we treat these as inexhaustable!

Taking time for the Inspired and Beautiful Life

Taking Time for the Inspired and Beautiful Life

What are the moments that you want to treasure with your children, family or friends?

Because time is not limitless, it is important to “stop the clock” for a minute or two and think about what is it I really want to do or pursue. Then, I consider how to prioritize or balance time between numerous responsibilites and ever-expanding interests of things to do, make and see!  This year, one of my goals is to write the Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm blog as a way to connect with family and friends–old and new. I am using the posts as one tool to think about how to create a beautiful life, and how to resoucefully, creatively and intentionally live in that beautiful life.


one moment {month} in time

I am so grateful that you are stopping by for a chat today, and to share your kind words and support in this journey! You see, today marks the completion of one month in the blogsville! It is so wonderful to meet you here—to pause the clock for a moment or two and share a bit of our lives. I want to bottle up all this time we spend together and save it for a rainy day!

Finding Time in a Bottle at Rose Mille

Finding Time in a Bottle at Rose Mille


I would love if you would take some time to send me a comment!

I would love if you would take some time to send me a comment!

Thank you for your visit and a little chat!


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10 responses to “Time in a Bottle

  1. I love your thoughts on cherishing time! It is true that it flies by all too fast. Congrats on your one month of blogging! I hope you have many moments to cherish this weekend!

  2. Francesco


    You have taken quite a leap to change your watch setting and modify you schedule in doing so. It is a bit of a reality check to look at the pocket watches you show, that they are markers of time but only track in 12 hour segments and do not show us how many cycles around the face of those time pieces they have traveled.

    Unlike ourselves and our babies, my how time slips by silently and quickly. So much life to live, and so little time…..

    Bless you,


  3. Yes, time is a Precious thing- I’m always hoping to find more- Lovely pictures- and wow only one month blogging- your site is great- heres to many more-
    Happy Day

  4. What a gorgeous new blog you have! Time does fly by so quickly and even more so when you have children to measure the days, months and years by. Sometimes it is hard to remember to live in the moment when we all lead such busy lives. Your thoughts are so true!

    Have fun with your blog and I hope that you meet many like~minded friends…

  5. Lesley


    I too had a hard time giving up all my clocks to the time change. I finally changed my car clock this Thursday.

    Your web site is beautiful. I love that you included Jean-Luc Picard.

  6. Edie

    How well you have captured the essence of time in this blog – !!!

    What a lovely day Saturday was, to spend with my sister and Darlene
    Love, Edie

  7. Vee

    It’s been a very pleasurable time here in your corner of Blogdom. You have a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for visiting my corner and leaving a comment. I hope that you’ll find your way back again any time!

  8. I loved your post. How true, how true, every word. You have inspired me to assess my own time and stop and savor. Loved your sons cinnamon rolls! YUM!

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Mom

    How beautiful! Thank you for reminding me that I must savor each moment and live each minute as though it is my last. Thinking on only what is good, what is lovely, what is peaceful.

    Your Mom.

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