Inspired by Red

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies.
~Christopher Marlowe

it only takes a spark

I wake up on a Saturday morning thinking, “red might be a fantastic color for the bedroom!” I quickly quench the idea for a simple reason…I don’t like the color red! The thought persists, and I keep dreaming about red!

Dreaming about Red Inspirations

Dreaming about Red Inspirations

Surprisingly, I hear my own voice asking, “why not? The splash of red might be just the spark needed to renew our spirits!” I am becoming convinced that red accents along with soft yellow walls will give the room a warm, French-inspired feeling. Maybe, it is just what we need! The notion gradually grows and takes hold: “I MUST have red accents in this room!”

What color must you simply have in your home?

A few days later, I spot a fantastic buffalo checked silk taffeta in raspberry red–perfect for the window treatment! The taffeta curtain is layered over a creamy lace curtain, and sweeps across the large window with a black velvet tieback made with vintage millinery posies. Oh, it is so romantic! Read more about romantic millinery magic! But that’s not all…

 Romantic Millinery Tieback

say it in red

Next, a little red is needed to set off the cream bed linens. Victorian layover pillow shams, made using a single color in an outline stitch on cotton called redwork, will fit the 125 year-old Rose Cottage. Even though simplistic, the stitching on a crisp soft-white cotton using red embroidery floss can capture the center stage of the room. The “Good Morning” and “Good Night” shams are added to the pillow collection on the antique brass bed.

Victorian Layover Shams in Redwork

seeing a bit more red

Having a penchant for antique and vintage textiles, I search through the linens stashed carefully away in a dresser. I find some lovely woven damask linens, Italian redwork, a penny redwork square of a single rose, and a treasured woven red shaw/throw from an Italian adventure over a year ago. My favorites are the antique French red bird toile–I just can’t get enough of it! There is a fabulous Tuesday Toile party going on at Pretty Organized–don’t miss out if you are smitten with toile!

While there are variations in the reds, it all works and the reds play very nicely together.

Redwork Damask with Monogram P and 6 Inch French Lace

French Linen with Monogram D


 inspirations from red

 1. Red is one of those colors that a little goes a long way. Just enough red adds energy, inspiration and warmth to a room, too much red…well…it is just too much.

2. Surprise yourself — do something unexpected to create joy in your home and for those you love!

3. Be open to new ideas and inspirations from unexpected things or places.

4. Simple changes helps see everyday things with new eyes.

5. Using slight variations of a color or a theme can add more interest.

What are your inspirations or insights when you step out of your “decorating comfort zone” and try something new?

The French-inspired look is dreamy and amazingly romantic. Though fabulous for cold winter months, the bedroom will need to to feel lighter with softer colors and fabrics for the warm summer months that are just around the corner.


This gives me another idea as a creative frugalist: two season decorating–switching up the colors and textiles so rooms have a new look based on the season. Now, it is time to start planning the warm weather look! The perfect place to start is a luxurious antique silk and damask bolster pillow from Rose Mille to create a summer “bed of roses!” 


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10 responses to “Inspired by Red

  1. Edie

    Miss Debbykay~
    You DID IT AGAIN.. what a lovely blog… with just enough RED! 🙂 I can feel the warmth and I can hardly wait to see what the new season will bring for a fresh crisp look for thw warm months in your bedroom!

    The sun is shining and I think coralie/pink is a beautiful crsip color with the spring..


  2. What a pretty post, It is so nice seeing your red elements. I just love your shams. Hope all is well.

  3. oohhhhh what gorgeous linens!!!! I LOVE redwork.. and it goes so nicely with your bedding. Beautiful bedroom!!

    xo heather

  4. This is a FANTASTIC post! I love red. I can’t wear true red with my complexion so it generally end up in the form of shoes and purses in my wardrobe and spots of red throughout my house.

  5. Mom

    Dear Daughter –
    What a beautiful touch of red! Just enough to make sweet dreams happen and enough to be energized, yet rested, when the sun rise comes though the windows. You dared to be different with a splash 0f red – not the usual colors we think of when we decide to show our “other side” of who we really are as mothers, daughters, granddaughters – women. We are women alive — we dare to be all God created us to be!
    Your loving Mom.

  6. I happen to love red, but I always second guess myself and wonder if I should try something different! But then I see red and think WHY? I love it. Now I am craving green but looking around at my red wondering why I have to love so many colors! LOL! Oh well, it makes life fun!


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love what you have done in your bedroom – I am a BIG fan of red and use it throughout our home. Our bedroom has red French textile accents with pale grey/blue walls.

    Have a great weekend,

  8. What beautiful photos, and such a pretty post! Thank you! Cheers, Andrea (p.s. will your mom adopt me?!)

  9. Your reds are lovely! Little touches of the toile just add so much personality. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


  10. I love the red bird toile. Birds & toile, two of my favorites!!!

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