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A Perpetual Astonishment: Spring (Ellis Peters)

greeting spring in the garden

Even though it is still wintery at Rose Cottage, the signs of spring are starting to slowly emerge! Yesterday, I received the best “spring is just around the corner” gift–the sweetest little herb garden for the kitchen window!

Hint of Spring - A Little Kitchen Herb Garden

Hint of Spring - A Little Kitchen Herb Garden

The fragrance of the rosemary, oregano and thyme just made my fingers itch for the rich, dark soil of the kitchen garden-even though there is over a foot of snow on the beds! Ruth Stout captured my sentiments when she wrote, “I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”  Where do you like to greet spring?

little signs of spring

The signs of spring have been hinting everywhere the past few days. Have you noticed the sun is a bit higher, the sky more blue and colorful bundles of tulips are blooming at the local markets? When I start seeing these signs of spring, the winter blues slowly melt away and I have renewed energy!

Alpine Flower - Lance-Leaved Springbeauty

Alpine Flower - Lance-Leaved Springbeauty

Melissa from The Inspired Room has posted 20 Little Things to Look Forward to In Spring. Besides hearing  the sweet song of Jenny Wren and the soft, deep-throated call of the bluebirds each morning, feeling invigorated again is one aspect of spring I anticipate most. 

more…20 more things to look forward to in spring

1. hanging linens on the clothes line (smell of fresh sheets-the best!)

2. watching bluebirds nesting in the dovecote

3. filling window boxes with all sorts of pink flowers

4. laying on carpets of soft green moss in the woods

5. wearing sandals

6. leaving the windows open at night and watching the curtains sway in the breeze

7. cutting fresh garlic chives from the kitchen garden

8. sitting on the porch swing with my VBS

9. grilling freshly-picked aspargus

10. watching the daffodil bulbs emerge from their slumber

11. listening to Jenny Wren sing a “good morning to you” song

12. collecting more turquoise and brown eggs from “the girls”

13. weeding

14. picking violets–especially “freckles”

15. listening for the hot air balloons overhead

16. planting early peas

17. smelling all the “earthy smells” as the ground comes out of hibernation

18. going to the farmer’s market on Saturday

19. tasting fresh maple syrup from the sugar bush

20. hearing the laughter of children

Alpine Spring Flower - Yellow Cinquifoil

Alpine Spring Flower - Yellow Cinquifoil

What would you add to YOUR list about “little things to look forward to in spring?”

Spring Flowering Moss

Spring Flowering Moss

And Spring arose on the garden fair,

Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;

And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast

rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Sensitive Plant”

Awaiting the Arrival of Spring

Awaiting the Arrival of Spring

(Photos taken at Hurricane Ridge in Washington.)

How are you awaiting the arrival of spring around your home?

Happy Spring!



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