Finding Everyday Beauty

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Let’s face it–some mornings it is important to feel pampered! One way to feel pampered is by creating beauty–even in small, ordinary ways.

Finding Beauty in the Early Morning Sun

Finding Beauty in the Early Morning Sun

I notice that by creating a small place of beauty at Rose Cottage helps me to feel a bit pampered. Creating small places of beauty puts a hectic day on “pause” — even if it is just for a minute!

This morning, I take a moment or two to look at something beautiful–a rose in a treasured crystal vase, a precious photo in a vintage frame, a piece of exquisite French lace–my perspectives and feelings about the day change. Do you notice that even your breathing changes when you look at something beautiful?

Reflecting on Beauty at Rose Cottage

Reflecting on Beauty at Rose Cottage

capturing beauty in the ordinary

There is one room at Rose Cottage that creates a feeling of being pampered–the powder room. It is truly a “ladies room!” Guests at Rose Cottage sometimes ask if they could eat their dinner in that room! The Victorian dressing table with a white carrara marble top is the perfect tableau for creating little vignettes…beckoning a moment of reflection in sometimes over-scheduled lives. The dressing table has a “still life” that includes a lovely soft peach feather millinery from Rose Mille. (More about Mi’s feather millinery from Got Magic?…Believe…Bloom! post.)

Soap, Silver and a Feather Millinery Puff

Soap, Silver and a Feather Millinery Puff

The bright morning sunshine and brillant blue sky is nature’s inspiration this morning! I am freshing up Rose Cottage and creating a few places of beauty out of ordinary objects. It is a good day for pampering, and feeling inspired!

How do your surround yourself with beauty?
Welcome friends from The Inspired Room! How do you surround yourself with beauty?




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6 responses to “Finding Everyday Beauty

  1. VBS

    I am very glad that you have places in and around Rose Cottage where you can escape into beauty created just for you.

  2. I would want to spend the day in your powder room. It is SO pretty!!!

    • debbykay

      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for stopping by for a visit! (I have the photos fixed now. I was having trouble changing the template to something a bit cleaner and more intuitive. You will get a better look, especially of the fabulous peach feather millinery that I use as a puff.)

      Have a wonderful week!

  3. Liz

    Thanks so much for stopping my my blog.

    Oh your home is so pretty! I love that wallpaper, it’s gorgeous.

    Happy Spring 🙂


  4. that lace curtain is SO pretty… yes it is true… there are SO many places where we can find everyday beauty. SInce starting my blog I think I notice such little details more than I ever did.

    xo Heather

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