valentine wishes

          “LOVE GREETING. . . 

A Valentine's Welcome from Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm
A Valentine’s Welcome from Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

 . . . Joy and hope are sweetly springing.  Fair as light at dawning grey:  Love within my heart is singing songs of you all day.”

Vintage Valentine’s are such keepsakes and convey sentiments to friends and families in ways we no longer do. The words above were from a long-forgotten Valentine tucked away in a young woman’s small trunk since the 1880’s. Imagine! What would your Valentine say if it were hidden in a trunk with your keepsakes for over 100 years?

If you were able to sing your Valentine a song, what would you sing? An old Sinatra standard? Something classical? An original little ditty? Take Rose Cottage’s poll about your favorite song!

what is your song?

Unlike our number one son who has perfect pitch, a passion for music and who loves to sing, I can’t carry much of tune. My consellation is that I can carry a song in my heart for my friends and family throughout the day (and listen to XM radio!). Another way I can sing for my Valentine is to send them a musical Valentine from the local public radio station! Until February 14th, listeners select from 14 songs and send classical love notes to a Valentine. Wouldn’t it be fun to send some of these love notes? View classical love notes selections.

In addition to great music or just a little tune, I think “songs” in your heart can be the unexpected kindness one person does for another. Songs can be a kind word or a hand-written note of encouragement (or a classical love note!). Maybe, a song is doing a job that no one else wants to do. Sometimes these this little “songs” can create music in someone else’s life. I need to think about what “song” I will sing today for a Valentine. How about you?

 please be my Valentine, send me a “song” …

leave your thoughts below!valentine-bird-greeting2


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6 responses to “valentine wishes

  1. Mitch

    Great posting Debbykay! Happy Valentines day…

  2. Steven

    Your thoughts about singing in many different ways, for me is a new concept. I enjoyed your vintage card above along with the words from another old source as well.

  3. Edie

    Good Morning Debbykay~
    I just looked at the flicker pictures and came across the rose tie back~ Absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Love, Edie

    • debbykay

      Thanks for stopping by for a visit this morning! I am pleased you love the tieback it was really fun to do! Stay-tuned…I will be writing about the tieback in an upcoming post! You can subscribe to the “Feeds” in the upper right hand corner so you will know when there is a new post on Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm! More photos will be going on Flickr in the near future, too!

  4. karen

    My husband just received a 70 year old valentine from his mother. It was his fathers from a friend in elementary school. Grandma Sue thought me to save everything. We are often surprised with old treasures she pulls out of her cedar chest..Happy Valentines Day!

    • debbykay

      What an amazing gift! I am sure this special valentine will be deeply treasured in the years ahead! What will be next? Happy Valentine’s!

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